We remind Senator Romney that he swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution, and that the the recent ‘Impeachment’ did not rise to Constitutional muster Under Article 2 Section 4 (as former President Trump was no longer in office when charges were filed in the House) – a sentiment shared by SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts through his refusal to preside over the ‘trial’.

We are disappointed that Senator Romney again chose to side with Democrats rather than Republicans. His votes underscore the recent poll which shows Romney’s approval rating is above 80% among Utah Democrats and his disapproval rate is above 60% among Utah Republicans.

While it saddens us to see Mr. Romney, by his actions, separate from the Republican Party, we encourage him to immediately switch his party affiliation so he may more truthfully support his convictions – which increasingly conflict with the Planks of Utah Republican Platform.

We invite all who will support and defend the values of the Republican Party (as outlined in our Platform) to join with us to spread these Republican values. We encourage all those who would undermine these objectives or fight against our core values to voluntarily affiliate with a party which embraces their beliefs.

  • Joe Levi, Chief
    Utah Republican Native American Caucus


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