Article I – Name

  1. The name of this organization shall be Utah Republican Native American Caucus and shall also be known as URNAC and Republican Natives.

Article II – Objectives

  1. The objectives of this group shall be to:
    1. Support the Utah Republican Party Platform and the promotion of its values and ideals;
    2. Provide information, support, training, and guidance to Utah Native Americans on the importance of values and ideals of the Utah Republican Party Platform;
    3. Provide information, support, training, and guidance to Native American Republicans interested in elected or appointed political office;
    4. Educate and inform political office holders with information regarding Utah Republican Party Platform values and ideals, and how they positively impact the lives of Utah Native Americans; and
    5. Provide a voice for Native Americans in Utah Politics and in the Utah Republican Party.

Article III – Membership

  1. Membership in URNAC shall be open to registered Republicans in good standing who support the objectives listed in Article II.
  2. Membership may be terminated if members are no longer registered Republicans, oppose the objectives of the group, or work against the stated objectives. Members may also resign their membership upon written notice to the President and Secretary.
  3. Though contributions are invited and encouraged, no membership dues are required.

Article IV – Officers

  1. The Elected Officers of URNAC are:
    1. President (Chairman),
    2. Vice-President (Vice Chairman),
    3. Secretary, and
    4. Treasurer.
  2. The voting members from among the membership shall elect the Elected Officers.
  3. No Utah Republican Party Officer, Utah Republican Party employee, County Party Chair or Vice-Chair may serve as an elected officer.
  4. The President shall preside over meetings of the organization; serve as the liaison with the Utah Republican Party; regularly attend the Utah Republican Party Executive Committee and State Central Committee meetings; and serve as the liaison with the Utah Legislature, Federal Delegation, and any Department, Bureaucracy, or Committee dealing with Indian Affairs. The President may also appoint committees and committee chairs to assist with special projects.
  5. The Vice-President shall assist the chair and shall preside over meetings of the organization in the absence of the President. The Vice-President may also be asked to assist the Secretary and Treasurer.
  6. The Secretary shall keep a current roster of members, keep minutes of the organization, archive the minutes of Committees, issue the notice(s) to meetings and conventions, and assist the President.
  7. The Treasurer shall keep the financial records, file all necessary financial reports, and pay any properly incurred bills. The Treasurer shall make quarterly reports to all members of URNAC and monthly reports to the Executive Board.

Article V – Committees

  1. Executive Board: The Executive Board shall be the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer. This board has the authority and responsibility to run the general affairs of URNAC, and to conduct business in conformity with these bylaws.
  2. Appointed Committees: The Executive Board may appoint other committees as needed to help with special projects. Each appointed committee shall have an odd number of members of no less than three and no more than seven members. The President shall designate the Committee Chairman. The Appointed Committees shall keep their own minutes and report to the Executive Board.
  3. Standing Committees
    1. Republican Buffalo
      1. Members of the URNAC who are at least 1/4-blood Native American, or are enrolled members of a Recognized Tribe in Utah shall automatically be members of the Republican Buffalo Committee.
      2. Members of the URNAC who can show Native American heritage shall be members of the Republican Buffalo Committee after providing documentation of their genealogical lineage to the Committee Chief.
      3. If the President of the URNAC is an enrolled member of a Recognized Tribe in Utah and of at least 1/4 Native blood, he shall be the Chairman of the Republican Buffalo Committee. Else, if the Vice-President of the URNAC is an enrolled member of a Recognized Tribe in Utah and of at least 1/4 Native blood, he shall be the Chairman of the Republican Buffalo Committee. Else, the Chairman of the Republican Buffalo Committee shall be elected from among its members.
      4. The Chairman of the Republican Buffalo Committee shall hold the title of “Chief”.

Article VI – Meetings (Pow Wows)

  1. Meetings and Conventions may be referred to as Pow Wows.
  2. The Executive Board shall hold quarterly meetings.
  3. The general membership shall meet at least once a year in a Convention.
    1. In odd-numbered years the purpose shall be to elect officers of URNAC and conduct other business.
    2. In even-numbered years, the purpose shall be to hear reports from the officers, to conduct business, and to educate the membership of issues impacting URNAC voters.
  4. All meetings except Conventions may be conducted through electronic communication which allows all participants to fully participate in the meeting.
  5. Conventions shall be held in person and should be held in a geographically convenient location for all attending members.
  6. Notice to the meetings and Conventions may be issued by any electronic method or by postcard 14 days in advance of the scheduled meeting/convention. Any notice may be waived in writing by the person entitled to receive it.
  7. A quorum must be present to conduct binding business.
    1. For all meetings other than Conventions, a quorum shall be a majority of its members.
    2. For conventions, a quorum shall be a majority of those registered at the Convention.

Article VII – Rules of Order and Procedure; Parliamentary Authority

  1. The Rules of Order and Procedure (Parliamentary authority) shall be the current revision of Robert Rules of Order, Newly Revised.

Article VIII – Amendment of Bylaws

  1. These bylaws may be amended by the general membership at a regularly scheduled Convention by a 2/3 vote, provided that notice of the proposed amendment is included in the notice to the Convention.

Article IX- Intellectual Property

  1. All trademarks, trade dress, service marks, logos, the Republican Buffalo, Republican Eagle Feather, and branding of the URNAC are the property of the URNAC and may not be used outside the URNAC without the consent of the President or the Executive Board.

Article X – Number & Gender

  1. The singular shall include plural and vice versa if such treatment is necessary to interpret these bylaws in accordance with their manifest intent.
  2. Likewise, if either feminine, masculine, or neuter should be one of the other genders, it shall be so treated.

Article XI – Headings

  1. The paragraphs and sub-paragraph headings used herein are for the purpose of convenience, and shall not be considered in the interpretation of these bylaws.

Article XII – Partial Invalidity

  1. If any portion of these bylaws shall be held invalid or inoperative then, insofar as it is reasonable and possible, the remainder of these bylaws shall be considered valid and operative, and effect shall be given to the intent manifested by the portion held invalid or inoperative.